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A look in the thread or reports on blogs is therefore worthwhile on top. Any information or advice contained on this website is general in nature only and does not constitute personal or investment advice. You should seek independent financial advice prior to acquiring a financial product. All securities and financial products or instruments transactions involve risks. Please remember that past performance results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Therefore, the federal funds interest rate level is THE Forex news to watch.

forex factory

You can also choose dates that have passed, and you’ll see news and information that was posted on that particular day. Understand each column, including the actual and forecast results. is owned and operated by Fair Economy, Inc., a company dedicated to the democratization of financial information. To edit the Alerts for a Subscription, click the icon a second time to access the settings. We have different areas of expertise and work on different projects.

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PipFinite products are just tools that could help improve your trading strategy." To simplify social trading, reviews there is a streaming feed in the platform where trades of other traders can be viewed around the clock.

During the press conference, the ECB President supported the rate cut. However, he added that the ECB expects inflation to pick up next year. So most probably the currency will have a low trading volume that reviews day. • Users do not need to know how to program their own trading platform. Their trading platform contains 24-hour currency liquidity, and the platform is programmed to keep transactions free of charge.

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Forexfactory as well as an open forum for traders from all over the world. I’ve found it far more useful to study the price action that follows a news event than trying to guess. It’s incredibly easy to use and is one of the more accurate calendars out there. Plus, you can enter your timezone so events are displayed in your local time. Everything from how to configure the Forex Factory calendar to how to use it when trading price action. As such I would like to summarize some of the more important points to keep in mind when using the news calendar.

  • As such I would like to summarize some of the more important points to keep in mind when using the news calendar.
  • Forex Factory is a great place to visit if you want to know more about how forex markets work.
  • However, this product was entirely designed from a trader’s perspective, and several practices have been implemented to ensure information is presented impartially.
  • In our “Private Telegram Group”, we have a lot of members who are successful using our tools in combination with unique trading strategies the group has created.
  • They maintain a list of brokers you can compare with side by side.
  • The first thing to understand is that you only want to focus on the market-moving events.

The general conditions are fair and for us, there is nothing against becoming a part of the forum. Are you curious and want to be a part of the community? To be a member of Forex Factory, you just need to register on the website. Basically, you can view all the content of the forum without registering, but it makes sense to be a part of the community. Among other things, you can then also participate in the numerous tools of Forex Factory, which we will tell you more about in the course of the Forex Factory test.

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Contrary, lower inflation results in the central bank cutting rates. Higher rates mean a higher currency, while lower rates are bearish for a currency. Inflation shows the change in the price of goods and services over a period of time. Typically, the inflation or Consumer Price Index comes out monthly.

Love Their Calendar I Use It Every Day

Now let’s get into the second half of this tutorial and discuss how to use what you’ve just learned to your advantage when trading Forex price action. At this point you should have the calendar in front of you with each news event synchronized with your local time. Next we are going to set the event filter to determine the type of news and currencies to display. Learn how Forex Factory provides free trading tools and how to use them to gain a timely and quick overview of today’s markets. In the majority of cases, exit poll results slightly vary from real election results.

Next we will get into how to strategically position your trades around major news events so as to minimize your risk. Social trading is on the rise and knows that too. For this reason, Forex Factory offers the Forex Trades tool. This tool allows traders to watch the trading of other investors live. This is achieved by synchronizing the traders’ broker accounts with the Forex Factory account.

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