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Dotbig Ltd Honest Review

To open an account with Dotbig and start trading, you’ll also need to be able to make a minimum initial deposit of $250, which is higher than most major competing brokers. If trading is a completely new field for you, we recommend you try working on DotBig.


According to the KYC policies, the company guarantees complete security of the personal data you present Forex when completing the verification procedure. Usually, verification takes from one to two working days.

Dotbig Ltd Review: Enter The Trading Industry

I started trading on the site and now I can claim that I am an experienced trader, owing to the training on the site. I employ different techniques and a range of pairings, which the site gives. This type of account is for active professionals, who can afford to deposit $10,000. Silver account users can also use professional consultations with the company manager and have personal trading strategies developed for them.

  • To sum it up, Fidelity is better in a number of aspects.
  • Three months have already passed, four conclusions have been made!
  • Anderberg is the first to admit that it’s not the perfect game-making tool, and some level of friction still exists that prevents some users from jumping in right away.
  • Any registered user can use the represented platforms the way he or she finds necessary.

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How To Become A Digital Marketer Without A Degree: A Definitive Guide

In the top right corner of your screen, you will see the “Registration” button. When you click it, you’ll see a special signup window. To some extent, this is the most important paper to read to a new user. This Agreement concerns all the aspects of your cooperation with the broker. It explains Forex news the conditions, contains information about fees and commissions, reveals information about the possible risks, etc. If we talk about the growth of the business and its increasing impact on different markets, we have to admire the work of specialists from the international marketing department.

With the support of a personal manager, internet trading and making investments will be as simple and profitable as possible. Technical Support of can be contacted via email, online chat or telephone.

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